Your First Session

What to wear:  lightweight loose or stretchy clothes.  It will be helpful if your knees are exposed.  You will work barefoot or with lightweight shoes.  Bring layers in case you get cold.

4 posture photos will be taken for the postural analysis.  For the photos, men should wear only shorts, and women should wear as little as possible:  a 2-piece bathing suit, shorts and bra, or underwear will allow the most accurate posture analysis.  Please be prepared.  If you are not comfortable with this, the analysis can still be done, but it may not be as accurate as it could be.  We can still make progress.

These 3 agreements on your part will facilitate your healing:

  1. You will have to practice the prescribed ecises every day.  You will have some control over the length of time that you can give to it.  It's best if the ecises are done in the morning, but talk to your therapist about your situation.
  2. You will need to return to have your posture re-evaluated and receive a new prescription (menu of ecises) every week at the beginning of your therapy process.  Usually, after 4 or 5 sessions, the time in between usually lengthens to 2 weeks.  Then, after some number, the length of time between sessions lengthens again to a month.  However, some conditions require more weekly sessions to get the process started.  On rare occasions, a person's condition requires daily sessions during the first week of therapy to get the body situated and out of pain.
  3. You must communicate with your therapist, both during your session (e.g., how does this particular ecise feel to you?  or, where do you feel the work?) and between sessions (by phone or email).  Open lines of communication are crucial to your healing, and the between-session communications are part of the package.

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