Tips for Pain Relief

Click on the highlighted conditions for a discussion or U-tube links for ecises (exercises, "easycises") to try.  If they work to relieve your pain, great!  Let us know.

It’s the position (posture) of our bodies that is causing the various conditions (arthritis, back pain, headaches, scoliosis, stenosis, frozen shoulder, etc.)  Once your body is out of alignment, you can’t just start exercising because the misalignments are habitual.  First, you must straighten your posture.  If you try to exercise first, you will get injured.  It won’t matter if your exercise preference is walking, running, yoga, golfing, tennis, bicycling, or any other.  You must bring your body back into alignment if you want to be pain free.  Read this article from from Pete Egoscue for a discussion of why we hurt.  It will help you understand why your postural alignment is causing your pain.  Great article!

See the functional design blueprint for a discussion of "position vs. condition."  Here is a partial list of conditions that Egoscue University certified posture therapy has helped.   If the condition is highlighted, you will find some exercises to try or some explanation.  And, click here for some inspirational quotes from Pete Egoscue.