Post concussion syndrome

What I have to say about post concussion syndrome is personal.  I had it following an auto accident in early 2008, and i was still having symptoms 3 years later when i started Egoscue therapy for low back pain.  My concussion was mild, but I was still having significant problems with memory, focus, visual acuity, and low energy.  Two months into my posture therapy, most of my concussion symptoms had vanished.  I was able to read for more than a few minutes, able to look at the computer (the backlight had been a problem for me), able to remember where I had put my keys, and my "math brain" was functioning again.  I was astonished to realize that changing my posture allowed my brain to heal.  Within 2 more months, I was sleeping through the night.  It's early 2013 now, and my concussion seems like another life.  Jaz Reis, Egoscue Certified Posture Alignment Specialist