Pain Free Skype Sessions

If you can’t come to the Pain Free Santa Fe studio, you can still have private sessions with Pain Free Santa Fe via Skype. You’ll need a computer, a web camera, and the Skype app. The time required and the price are the same as for in-person private sessions.

Posture photos are required for this type of therapy, and the therapist will use a screen shot from your web camera to take a front view, both side views, and the back view of you.  Your therapist will work with you to make sure your camera is level and pointed correctly.

Wear as little clothing as possible for the photos.  Shorts only for men, shorts and tight fitting tank, or sleeveless shirt, or sport bra, or regular bra, or bathing suit top for women.  

Then your therapist will use screen sharing to review the photos with you, just as if you were in the studio.  Your therapist will guide you in placing your camera during the session for the best view of you doing the exercises, and provide feedback and instruction, just as if you were in the studio.