Treatment or Cure?

“The only thing permanent about a slipped disk or a herniated disk is when you don't correct the dysfunction that caused the problem; then it's a permanent dysfunction, isn't it?”  —Pete Egoscue, The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion, 1993

Modern medical science is masterful at narrowing the focus in looking at the human body. It can go right to a joint that is hurting and identify that the cartilage is gone, or that a disk is herniated, or that this particular drug or treatment will block the pain messages that are being sent to tell you that something is wrong.

If you are in pain, your body is out of its proper alignment, its functional blueprint design.

If you cut off the offending joint, or take pain killers, you won't address the cause of the problem. The cause is that your muscles are not holding the bones where they are designed to be positioned. If someone else manipulates the bones to put them into place, you won't have stimulated the muscles that are atrophied, nor strengthened the muscles that are weak, nor re-trained the muscles that are overworking and pulling you out of alignment. You must retrain your muscles and bring your body back to its standard design.

“Cartilage will regenerate itself if and when damaging joint stress caused by musculoskeletal misalignment is eliminated and function is restored.”  —Pete Egoscue, The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion, 1993, and Pain Free for Women, 2002.

Your body can heal itself if you take responsibility and restore your muscular design function. If you don't, all the expensive treatments will not cure the problem, and you will be dealing with the cause later on – months or years, usually.

The “cure“ requires you to re-educate your muscles to hold your body in its original, standard, functional design position.