Why must we straighten before we strengthen?

It's the position (posture) of our bodies that is causing the various conditions (arthritis, back pain, headaches, scoliosis, stenosis, etc.) Once your body is out of alignment, you can't just start exercising because the misalignments are habitual. First, you must straighten your posture. If you try to exercise first, you will get injured. It won't matter if your exercise preference is walking, running, yoga, golfing, tennis, bicycling, or any other. You must bring your body back into alignment if you want to be pain free.

"We can move it and still lose it.  There is motion and there is design motion.  Only design motion restores health.  Motion that is at odds with the design is, at best, wasted; at worst, harmful."  Pete Egoscue, Pain Free, 1998