Are you sick of being in pain?

How would your life be different if you weren't in pain and knew how to keep it from coming back, while doing whatever it is you love to do?  Are you ready to do what it takes to get back to doing what you love?  If you are interested in finding a cure for your pain, keep reading.  Welcome to the world of posture therapy.

"You are not broken" 
—Pete Egoscue

Pain Free Santa Fe postural therapy is a simple, effective method for stopping chronic pain. It prescribes movements specifically targeted for your individual alignment (posture) to correct the misalignments and eliminate the pain of a long list of conditions. No pill, surgery, or manipulation is involved. You may be in extreme pain, but you are not broken. Your bones are being held in place by muscles that are not working properly, and the misused muscles are screaming at you to do something about it.


Posture Alignment and Exercise Therapy Specialists certified by Egoscue University are experts at identifying and isolating the problematic muscles. The problem may or may not be with the muscles that hurt right now. Your therapist can show you why you hurt and give you "easycises" to isolate and stimulate your muscles to work as they are designed, and to reduce, and eventually stop the pain, increase your energy and get you active again.