About Jaz and Pain Free Santa Fe

jaz-trixie-sm2Pain Free Santa Fe empowers individuals one at a time to resolve the root cause of joint and muscular pain via posture therapy certified by Egoscue University.  Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, we also serve Albuquerque and Taos, and all of Northern New Mexico.

Jo A. "Jaz" Reis, PAS, ETS (Egoscue University) earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Physical Education and competed on the Women's Basketball Team at Cal State Fullerton in the mid 1970's. By the late '70s she had terrible, constant back pain and found some relief taking yoga classes. After 12 years in the corporate world, she pursued and taught Yoga for Pain Relief for many years in Detroit, MI, Madison, WI, and Santa Fe, NM. After a head injury in 2008, she discovered Egoscue, with the book Pain Free. Shortly after beginning in earnest in January of 2011, she realized that her 3-year old concussion symptoms were nearly gone. Astonished, she kept at it to correct the issues causing her low back pain. She received her Posture Alignment Specialist (PAS) certification from Egoscue University in July of 2011. In January of 2013, she completed a 3-week learning intensive at the Egoscue Clinic in Orange County, California, and completed the Exercise Therapy Specialist (ETS) training from the Egoscue University in 2014.  She has logged over a hundred hours observing at Egoscue Clinics, and many dozens of hours with Egoscue clinic mentors in one-on-one consultations.  Pain Free Santa Fe is a registered Service Mark of Jaz Reis, Inc.  



These prices are for individual, private sessions whether in-person or via Skype/Face Time.  Sessions begin with posture analysis and continue with exercise (E-cise) selection and instruction.  You will be doing the e-cises during the session.  The initial session is often 2 hours, sometimes more.  Follow up sessions are usually 1 to 1½ hours, sometimes more.  Please read the 3 agreements at the bottom of the page, below, as they are critical for your success.

The therapy process has 3 phases:  restore, strengthen, and maintain.  During the Restore phase, the main focus is on re-positioning the musculoskeletal system to restore function.  While it is impossible to predict how long this phase will take because it depends on many factors, it will most likely take at least 8 weekly sessions.

The strengthen phase continues the re-positioning work and increases the demand so that you will be able to do more of the activities you want to do without pain.  This phase is usually 8 bi-weekly sessions.

The maintenance phase is highly individual.  It can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, etc. 

Package of 8 sessions:             $1,200, plus GRT.

Package of 4 sessions:                $650, plus GRT.

The following are for non-package sessions:

Initial single session:  $200, plus GRT

Subsequent single sessions:    $175, plus GRT   

Online sessions (not in-person, nor Skype): $125, plus GRT

            (You send in the 4 posture photos, and receive an email with a menu of ecises).

 Cancellation policy:  Kindly give 72 hours notice (3 business days) to avoid being charged for a scheduled session.  If an opening exists  and the session is rescheduled within the same week, you won't be charged for cancelling. 

3 Agreements:  these requirements must be met for the method to be successful:

1.  You agree to do the prescribed e-cises every day (20 – 60 minutes, give or take). 

2.  You agree to meet with your therapist every week for the first 8 sessions, (give or take), and then bi-weekly for a while, then monthly. 

3.  You agree to communicate both during the session and between sessions with your therapist about what feels good, what is hurting, how the ecises feel, how you are feeling, etc.



My husband is bragging about me.

My husband is bragging that i look 10 years younger!  And, now he is bringing me flowers for no reason! Sue L., Santa Fe, NM

Posture therapy is definitely worth the effort and time!

I could find no answers to persistent, long-standing pain in my low- and
mid-back. My scoliosis was worsening and my activity level was limited. I
had problems with my left foot and hip. The daily menus always make me feel
better. I am so much stronger and have so much more awareness of my body. I
have tools I can apply on my own when I get out of balance. And my activity
level is much higher now. Posture therapy is definitely worth the effort and time! I
highly recommend Jaz. She is warm and dedicated to my progress as well as
being incredibly knowledgeable about the most subtle points of alignment and
body use.  Carole T., writer, editor, herbalist, Santa Fe, NM

...seems like another life...

I had no idea that Egoscue would resolve my post concussion symptoms, but it did!  Now all that seems like another life.  Jaz Reis, Santa Fe, NM

...never felt this good in my whole life...

Jaz, I have achieved a level of pain free I never thought possible.  Honestly, I feel absolutely euphoric.  Secretly, deep down inside, I thought that I could live, would have to live,  with a stiff neck and sometimes-tingly mid-back (a teensy bit of scoliosis near T7,8,9 ish) as these things were so minor as to not be a big force in my life.  Anyway, I've never felt this good in my whole life.  I've reached a new dimension that I did not think existed, or was even possible. Thank you Jaz, and Chris, and E-Pete.   Look out world!  Karen J., Tuscon, AZ

Dramatic change in my body mechanics

Dramatic change in my body mechanics.

...I could feel the difference in my body...

In the 1st week I could feel the difference in my body & it continues.  Very relaxing & instructor is very informative & helpful.  Cynthia G, Santa Fe, NM

Zero's in very quickly...

Zero's in very quickly on the key areas.  Amazing results in 4 sessions.  Jan H. Abiquii, NM

... I am walking better, without the lift....

After a few days of doing Static Back, I decided that the ¾" heel lift from the chiropractor was unnecessary and I got rid of it.   Now I am walking better, without the lift.  Edwin L, Santa Fe, NM

...an exceptional instructor and a caring person....

Thank you again for being an exceptional instructor and a caring person.  Progress has been made.  Now it’s up to me to maintain the gains.  Edwin L, Santa Fe, NM

...I am not feeling the pain as I had been...

Jaz, I have to admit that the exercises are helping me. I am not feeling the pain as I had been feeling it when I am walking, even though I am not doing the exercises daily as I should be.  Thom K, Santa Fe, NM